Test it out!!!!


Meet Mousse

May I introduce you to┬áCHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Not Mouse, MOUSSE. She is named after the dessert, not the giant antlered creature; although we love those majestic beasts as well. That sphere in her mouth is a small tennis ball that she will fetch until the world ends…seriously. If there were a Balls Anonymous, I would sign her up. And yes, I know how disturbing that sounds. She is the love of my life and makes me smile constantly. You can’t have her ­čÖé

Chocolate Mousse

Howdy! My name is Katie. I work in the city but I’m at country girl at heart. My childhood was spent on a retired, 15 acre dairy farm in northern Colorado. My younger brother Joey & I raised livestock for 4-H. I enjoy cooking, decorating, scrapbooking, gardening, playing basketball and watching TV (Ha!). Chocolate Mousse is the name of my 4 pound toy, chocolate pomeranian. This blogg is an attempt to share my sarcastic, sweet, onrey & very real experiences with you. Please leave comments or add to the experiences you read!