Pure Puppy Joy

A relaxing smoke – my Sunday afternoon was predestined. I bought a light Cojimar cigar at my local cigar shoppe and headed to the park by my house. I spent the next 20 minutes strolling the trails which had two beautiful bridges crossing a gentle creek. I ended my walk at the dog park. Yesterday was sunny with brisk air – perfect for any mongrel to get their park on. At any given time there were 30+ dogs running around! This particular park is designed with a holding pen, giving owners a chance to detach their pup’s leash before swarmed by anxious noses in the open space. Once the final gate is opened, the anxious dogs are released like a day at the Derby. I was colorfully narrating my entertainment to my boyfriend over the phone and we came to this happy conclusion: A day at the dog park must be similar to entering Heaven. As we enter those gates, we will be bombarded with our heavenly family so excited to see & celebrate with us. And once we get through the welcome line our souls will jump, run, and holler with joy! I MADE IT! I’M HERE! I LOOOVE THIS PLACE! I’M SO HAPPY!


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