First Snow

Place 2 baguette slices and cheese on top of laddled soup and put in the broiler for 2-5 min

We had a Christmas preview here at the end of October. Denver received 3-6 inches of snow but northern Colorado was hit the hardest; 10-12 inches in places! The snow was so wet and heavy, many trees are severly damaged and I’m sure some in hospice care now. Knowing the forecast, I planned on making a heart-warming meal that night. With the ingredients bought the day before and my new Sur la Table bowls ready, I went to work making French Onion Soup & sandwiches! The recipe I used was extremely easy but give yourself a good 90 minutes (start to finish) to get it on the table.

My boyfriend and I sat by the fire enjoying our delicious soup next to the fireplace. And in true Halloween spirit we watched Casper the Friendly Ghost – who new Devon Sawa would diappear from our lives… I mean, where has that boy been???

I would absolutely recommend this recipe and hope you will try it too!

I will post the recipe in the next couple days.


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